Monday, July 20, 2009

When you pay peanuts....


This week we finally got our landscaping plans organised and forwarded the same to Wisdom this morning. Wisdom in turn has already advised us that the plans have been forwarded to the design review panel.  Was impressed with both my Landscaping designer & Wisdom in the last week, for my LS designer to charge a minimal fee & to keep her word in getting the plans ready in the promised time frame & with Wisdom with their prompt communication.

But my big problem this week has to be with my Solicitor.  He charged us a minimal fee (much less than the industry norm) but getting in touch with him has always been a nightmare. On the day we were required to pay the initial settlement of 5% towards the land, I reminded my solicitor about the due date & asked him to extend the due date by a week. However he finally got the settlement done on the right time & date & forwarded me the entire paperwork for the same. On the settlement paperwork, I came across adjustments that amount to approximately $1500. While I was aware of adjustments for $750, I needed more info on the remaining amount & so I called the Solicitor and requested for an explanation but till date I havent received any.

If I get a chance to redo the whole experience, I would rather pay some more fee & get a solicitor who is more professional than my existing one. 

When you pay peanuts... you get Monkeys!

A cheap lesson learnt....

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