Saturday, October 31, 2009

Floor plans

Here it is...the floor plan for our home.

First Floor..

Ground floor..

It looks like we are about to take off the ground as the pegs were out last week, we dont know when. However happy to see some progress after six months of looking at an empty land.

more to come...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

When one door closes.

Well...its been a while and I have quite a few updates. 

The last few weeks have been eventful in that we are now very close to start our construction. After finalising our color selection, Wisdom forwarded our plans to the Ponds review panel on the 20th of July, after 2 weeks they returned our plans as they required certain kind of window  coverings as our upper storey Lounge window was overlooking our neighbours & certain definitions on the landscaping plan. After almost 4 and a half weeks our plans were finally approved by the end of August. 

Then our plans were submitted to the local Blacktown council, once again after a 4 week wait our plans were approved by the end of September. Last week, our bank valuation came good and so we can get the necessary paperwork completed in another 2 weeks to get ready for a start in early November.

While we wanted to celebrate yesterday for our progress so far, then came the bad news (not so bad). Our present residential unit has been sold and the new owners want to move in straightaway (can't blame them...after all its their new home).  So I have another 4 weeks to move out and stay in another apartment for further 6 months when our new home is getting constructed.

but still I cant complain, it could have been worse.

Whatever happened.... happened for a reason.

Happy Diwali..!