Sunday, July 12, 2009

The cafe

The cafe
This weekend, Me & H went to meet our colour consultant to finalise our colour selection for the house. We wanted to choose a brick colour that is neither too light nor too dark. Moreover we didn't want to spend extra money to upgrade the range of bricks available to us from the builders inclusive range. Finally we zeroed in on a brick that was called "latte". A coffee coloured brick was just the beginning.

With the brick finalised, we went on to choose roof, windows, Garage doors, gutter, fascia, etc. H selected a roof tile to match the brick which is called "Chocolat". Then for window frames, the colour that we choose was a beige to match the brown theme. More coffee & flat white colours were chosen for the fascia & gutter. My decision to pet name my home as "the cafe" came after H decided on Kitchen cabinets & splash-backs as they were called Cappuccino & espresso respectively. Surely I cant choose a better name than the Cafe, can I?

With my landscaping plan expected to arrive this week, Wisdom will hopefully be able to submit our plans to the Design review panel @ Ponds for approval.

more to come on the cafe...

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog

    Yes, we are neighbours but not the corner right next door to you. We bought the Lot on the corner of Stream and Levy, 3351.

    It's great to read the progress of everyone building out there, happy blogging :)

    cheers, Berny