Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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My name is Bala. This Blog is to share my experiences in building our first home, look back at it on a later date to walk down the memory lane & finally I' ll have a story to tell my grand kids!

Me & my wife, H decided to build our first house rather than buy it off the market because we thought the difference would be similar to the attachment that one may have towards a knitwear that was bought from the shop and the other that was knitted by oneself.

We paid deposit for a plot of land at the Stream place in the suburb of Ponds, NSW a few months ago. Then most of the weekends were spent on visiting display homes, calculating the building costs, budgeting...increasing the budget that is, reading & listening to all the horror stories of dodgy builders, crappy building practices, etc. Finally after a bit of research we settled with Wisdom Homes to build our house and signed a contract to build a 30sq double storey home at a competitive price. I have to mention that so far our experience in dealing with Wisdom has been a pleasant one. These guys seem to be quite professional in their approach and friendly to deal with.

With our land finally settled as of last week and the building contract signed, the next few weeks will go in choosing the colours, bricks, tiles, windows et al. Then the plans will be submitted to the Ponds estate for a review before submitting to council. Overall my guess is that the construction wont begin until late September09.

 Over the next few weeks I will try to post some photos of the land, building plans, colour selection details etc for all to share my joy.

More to come....

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