Tuesday, February 23, 2010

where are we?

Alright it took me while to update my blog.

What to say, I was just enjoying the Australian summer.

As for our building Adventure, this is what happened in the last few months since my last update.

December 2009:

After pushing the builder to make a start on our site, we finally had the excavation of land in the first week of the month, followed by piering & finally the slabs by the 17th of December. That was just a week before the Xmas holidays & 10 days before our deadline to meet the First home owners (FHOG) requirements.While I was happy in the end, I was disappointed with the builder in leaving things to the eleventh hour.

January 2010:

Not much happened in January as the builders were enjoying their holidays & around the end of January the Frames were delivered & finally the frames went up by the beginning of February.

February 2010:

After the frames went up in early February, Sydney was blessed with some much deserved rain for a couple of weeks which has to date stopped our project. The building supervisor called me yesterday to advise that the brickwork will start by this week. So fingers crossed again....


  1. Hi Bala.
    How is your building progressing now? No updates since Feb. Myself and hubby is thinking of building the Inspiration too. Our land at The Ponds has just been registered 2 weeks ago. Anxiously waiting for your updates:)


  2. Where are you? You have been disappeared from a long time. Its almost 2 years. Just see your blog.
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